I’m almost afraid to ask in case it turns out that I’m completely wrong and have seriously lost the plot somewhere but… that’s Larch’s gun isn’t it?
(via Fairen, via Dea, via Keynes)

And I love that Serus helps the guy out the sewers. Most people would be sort of “eww…sewers…”

I think it’s just the gun the girl picked up in the prison to hold up Deatoura, so she could get free.

Ohoho, Serus smells something fishy….

I was overjoyed to find my book in the mail today <3<3<3<3 but when I flipped through it for the first time….a page came loose T_________________T , gonna try and glue it back in later.

Whoa, I haven’t had any pages come remotely loose so far, that’s inexcusable. I’m so sorry! Has it completely come off or is only part of it unglued? I’ll look into this with with my printer…

Came loose completely. That sometimes happens, when the page is not deep enough in the glue layer, I think.
Not your fault, but…T_T On another note, I love my scetch *glee*

For some reason Serus helping that guy out of the sewers gave me the same kind of feeling than that one panel of Serus with the orphans. I think he’s the first (and seemingly) only decent person in this comic. (“Decent” as in “good friend, employee, relative etc.” In other words, I’m not implying that the rest of the cast consists of two-dimensional characters – they are more like five-dimensional! I admire your skill in developing complex and original characters ^_^) Serus just seems to do small, kind gestures without fanfare that contrast pretty nicely with his often-concealed face and eyes. It’s amazing how you show that he – despite being almost as emotional as a boulder of granite – actually has feelings and is ultimately trying to do good.

…Now he had better not be bluffing. -.- Seriously. I don’t want to find out that Serus is an evil mastermind manipulating both Eon and Juniper so that Eon can destroy the Suits after which Serus can assassinate Eon and seize the power. T_T

aaaaw serus gave the guy a hand!
i love how serus’ eye covers been red lately….or maybe they always been but i never noticed

its just looks really cool

these last few pages have been colored to rad!!!!

Just ordered my book and sketch! I promised myself I would as soon as cash started flowing in the right direction. I’ve been reading this for a while now, you do fantastic work.

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