HAHA, He turns ‘himself’ in for exchange of full immunity? Whow, Dea sure never seems to fail to surprise


i hope im not the only one that got totally confused and at the same same thought “genious”

but then realized she spelled genius wrong..in her head (of all places)
then got confused again


I have no idea where this is going, but Dea is either a total nutcase or a genius. Wow… At least that’ll keep Serus from guessing who Aeradout is…

(PS. Do you still do AACs? Because I would love to know the answers to some of the questions that are already in the line.)

OMG Dea is awesome…hehe that’s just great.

And with the help of the flippable-comic format I think I’ve got all the backstories sorted as far as is possible with limited information available. Which means that this new mystery (wtf is Dea up to) has come just at the right time.

Although the chapter titles for the next book have all changed! which leads me to worry whether the Appearance of Flashback Larch has been axed :( [I totally *adored* the front-of-book sketch, btw, so totally worth it]

I said somewhere titles weren’t official until I was on the first page and making sure it fit. Lately I’ve been tightening up a lot of stuff in the script, condensing and correcting flow. I made a lot of changes but nothing as major as taking Larch out. His appearance isn’t entirely necessary but he is important enough to stay and I want to fucking draw him so there! ;}

I love this color scheme.

Also, I’m enjoying how all of the blank avatars are now Dea’s scandalized face.

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