To what extent ‘owns’ Eon the Suits? This is one thing I don’t get completely. I start to like him – he has a pleasant optimistic streak.

Eon doesn’t own the suits. There is just a government contract drawn up that makes the Suits business legal. Juniper is in complete control of the Suits as far in as this part of the story. Eon is trying to take that control away by offering a trade off and weakening Juniper’s hold on the Suits and the Suits themselves.

For some reason I *love* the fact that Eon calls Juniper ‘vitale’. It#s just…heh. And gives me Godfather vibes for some reason.

Eon’s chin ftw.

steadily working my way through the archive, and just want to say: anyone else totally think juniper looks like snape? and maybe that serus has a little lucius malfoy thing going on?

all in all, this comic is INCREDIBLE. i’m totally hooked.

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