First comment? O_o

Anyway, I’m never going to stop having nightmares of Juniper at this rate. Can we have some adorable orphans and Serus the Big Brother Figure at next chapter? Just to balance out Juniper’s scaryness?

Juniper’s scariness is what makes him so hot and awesome. *_*
He would condone it if he saw Dea crawlin around on walls and shit. :O Love the last panel.

Oooh, let’s translate Juni-speak! The last panel translates to: “I still care about him and he’s probably going to get himself killed, so yes, Maye, I am going to stop him.” At this point Maye just rolls her eyes.

This isn’t scary Juniper. This is tired and annoyed Juniper. Scary Juniper happens and people die. D: But he’s still “so hot and awesome. *_*”

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