No. Nuh uh. Trust Juniper to pull the self-sacrifice card. I really hope Maye and the others stop him from doing anything stupid. And by that I mean make him into a duct tape mummy and hide him with Stray.

The expression on the Keeper’s face who came to look for illegal weapons and found Juniper the Duct Tape Mummy instead… Priceless. On the other hand, given Juniper’s intelligence, Stray probably couldn’t argue that he *wasn’t* an illegal weapon.

I’m totally agreeing with tying Juniper to the nearest chair and leaving it in some long forgotten basement to save Juniper from himself. Although maybe siccing Dea on Juniper first might be a reasonable tactic, too. Duct Tape Mummying him could be Plan B, no?

I dunno about siccing Dea on Juniper. I don’t think that’d end well, especially considering Juniper is already put out with Dea.

Or it’ll end in angry/make-up sex. Either way, it may be fun to watch.

I vote for leaving him with Glide, duct tape optional (but oh-so-fun to see…).

Of course, leaving him taped up with Dea WOULD be fun to watch…. -thinks this over-

(Absolutely adore the comic! Thank you for producing such a enjoyable read!)

So the voting now rewards Extras comics? I won’t really complain about that idea, but I sort of want to read them all. Will they be put in the Extras section when they’re no longer used as voting images?

Also, I like the idea of Juniper The Ducttape Mummy. I’d draw him as a Ducttape Mummy, but he’d probably look more like a random Ducttape Mummy than he’d look like Juniper.

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