I’m in agreement with Jessie. Juniper needs to stop wishing himself away. Dea even said he’d go and bury Juni in Italy, so he can’t give in to Eon.

No one needs to get buried! ;3; they just need to grow old and get one spot of white in their hair and have sex with their loveypops on sexy tile floors. THAT IS ALL THEY NEED TO DO. THINK OF THE CHILDREN ;3; and puppies. endless puppies.

You are absolutely right. What on earth was I thinking? And old Juni and Dea will still be smoking hot. Causing-global-warming-smoking-hot.

On an aside, I love the AAC. Especially since we get fanservice, even if they are only chibis.

Christ, can somenone slap Juni, please? Maybe Maye can do this or Dea. Maybe both of them. At the same time and hard ¬¬

I wonder what Dea would say to Juni if he heard it. I like to think that he would shove a cigarrette up… Juni’s nose. >_> (ignore me, I’m not normal right now – cannot drink so many cups of coffee or I get mad. And anxious. Geez)

Now, we all know that isn’t gonna happen. If anyone slaps Juniper, he’s just gonna pop a cap in their ass… which is why I would just stay far far away from Juniper. e.e;

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