That quick exchange in the first panal? I’ve so done that before :D from both sides as well I think. Awesome work as ever, and I love the AAC incentives

My office has that exchange on Fridays like clockwork. Sometimes we mix it up when I’m caught sleeping at my desk. Also:

Who’s Jon? Does this mean we get Serus backstory???

Jon was the first King of Spades. I’ve only alluded to him here and there but he’s not really a spoiler since I don’t think I ever clarify. When I first wrote this I was treating the prequel as part two of one huge story. You’d have every single question answered by the end of both and they have lots of throwbacks to each other. This was a pretty big mistake in hindsight since I’m not sure I’ll even do the prequel anymore…but I WILL do short stories to answer the biggest questions and wrap things up. They’ll include a few of my favorite scenes from the prequel as well as material I haven’t even written yet. These will either be released as their own little spin-off comics or bonus material in volume 3. Jon will definitely be a feature in one of them.


Serus has definitely climbed up my rankings of favorite characters. I kind of want to give him a giant hug ):

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