I always knew Uena was the greatness. I mean, she’s sheer appeal and brains. The perfect mix for a woman.

Jessie, I agree with you. True love is taking out your lover’s enemy so he can rule all.

Ok, so I came over from MLM…but not the first time she linked ya. Or even the second time. Or any subsequent time you were linked on that site…until the latest. I can’t decide if this delay was due to my deeply ingrained need to punish myself or if my eyes and brain simply weren’t able to bear the awesomeness that is this comic until just a few days ago. Regardless, the delay did allow me to treat myself with a few days of archive gluttony. Hooked doesn’t even begin to cover it. It’s all been said before (artwork: amazing; color: amazing; characters: amazing; story: amazing) so I’ll just add a heartfelt thank you.

And now to count the hours until Monday…..

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