I think she’s saying “You’re crazy! You’ll never stop – not for anything!” Am I right ?

Pretty close, yes. : ) I can’t find a really fitting translation but I think a more precise one would be “Oh bastard, you’re crazy. You can never stop – nor for anything.” But then again my Spanish is minimal, I just happen to be Portuguese and they’re somewhat similar. And the last translated part doesn’t seem correct nor make the same sense in English that it has in Spanish.

Alice, I’m dying with curiosity over here. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. Keep up the good work.

Bera, thank you for taking care of Serus <3

Uh, I thought I loved Uena before. Now I KNOW I love her. WHY? I know this will only bring pain D: (Serus is still my 1st love, though)

I, too, fell for the lipstick trick. I guess the whole pretty long hair and no colours does that.

Also, have I already mentioned I love Uena’s character?

First I guessed ‘pill’, then ‘an adhesive bandage/a plaster/ a band-aid’, then I looked to clues to what it really was because I knew that didn’t made any sense.
… what kind of fangirl-mind do you have to think it was lipstick? I’m getting a little afraid of you here, Aërendyll! :p
Serus’ face in the third panel made me laugh.

Whoa, wait a second. O.o; Did Dea’s tattoo just switch sides of his face, or did I not get enough sleep last night?

And Serus really does need to shave. <3

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