Dea rocks! i don’t know how you do it alice but the guy gets cooler and cooler by every breath he is wasting to from words and gestures. I think i wait for this comic more years to come without complaint.


Utterly beautiful and gorgeous, both in artwork and characters. Your style is divine and the characters feel so real in speech and body language.
There’s so many times I am confused about the intentions of the characters, but that’s just me. I can’t wait to see more revelations!
Dea makes me wibble.

Did I miss something? Where are the updates? Is Alice busy with something else?
Great page, by the way. “Of course metaphorically” is one of the funniest ‘red flags’ in the universe.

Have we finally come full circle? Or does Dea have another ace up his sleeve? *ah no! puns!*

So glad I found Two Rooks again, it’s been far too long…

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