I. I don’t know, I’m not a fangirl usually, and I like Dea/Juniper just as much, but… everytime Deatoura and Serus interract, I just melt into a puddle .__. Maybe it’s the AAC with Deatoura singing he was a magician which converted me – how could I not feel the ~love~ ? 8D

… And Serus is hot with his glasses.

Did you change the icons on the cast gallery – the pictures which appear instead of chess pieces? If not, I must have forgotten how pretty they were. And the chibis are really cute, too *o*

I like that the story keep being strong, too. Too much comics begin a promising plot to let it melt into action or fanservice. Your is still well led and well written.

… And that’s all I had to say 8D *fade into the horizon* Good luck for the continuation, I hope your art block will disappear soon!

ah at last the long wait is up. I think i shall reread every thing once it is uptodate. Thats just so glorious! Got to love those two^^

They play so well together. Lovin’ the Dea/Serus panes. The two are genius as is, and together they’re fantasmic. –fantasmic (fan-taz-mik) adj. combination of fantastic and orgasmic– Keep it up! :D

You’re underestimating yourself Alice! :D (Do ALL good artists do that?)
It’s awesome that you have the dedication and discipline to draw even in a rut and still be able to produce a
superb comic. …Hmm, possibly too awesome – perhaps we should have Uena do a background check to make sure you’re
a human and not a super-secret-alien-agent from Neptune, sent to geotransmorph/conquer the Earth. (Note: Disclaimer
- this is a joke, I’m not being serious.)
Good luck otherwise! :)

“Quite fetchin’ when they’re not on a plague ridden corpse.” – Foreshadowing?? …Naw. :D
Hooray for witty bantering!

Is Mr. O’Malley implying that Serus is a student? That would go so far towards explaining the locked room in our lab…

Hope things start picking up for you soon. For what it’s worth, monthly TR reading splurges have been improving my disposition. It looks good in sequence.

I wouldn’t call it a flashback so much as this is a frame story. Remember, after the prologue, we reach just a few moments after this page. That makes it a frame story, not a flashback. Even if it now continues on from here, and does flashbacks all over the place, it would still be a frame story. It’s a form that can be hard to pull off, because of the difficulty in maintaining suspense (after all, you start near the end of your middle!). This has been done beautifully, and will be even better in print form.

Dear Alice,
I love you.
Your artwork is beautiful.
This story had me sitting up all night long from page 1 catching up to here.
I look forward to the rest.


OH my gosh. I love this whole thing. The artwork is unique and gorgeous and the storyline is really awesome (and you’re right, rereading DOES help a great deal). Did you know there’s a fanfiction.net page under comics for this? It doesn’t show up because nothing’s there right now, but if you do a search you see Two Rooks as one of the choices.

I have another question. Serus’ eyes in the comic are yellow, but in the banners, they are red/orange. Why is that?
I noticed this just a moment ago, while re-reading the archives. I should have sensed it earlier, though!

The “real” color is more than one color (red/orange/yellow) so I just make them golden in the comic out of sheer laziness. It is also less strange looking than bright orange or red (just like how Serus would have looked really weird inked with black hair even though its actually quite dark).

I’ll be experimenting how would Serus hair look if you used blue for it on my cupboard (partly because I have three markers: black, blue and red).

Just read up on some chess stuff, randomly. Apparently two rooks are stronger than one queen (woo! go serus and dea!) but *equivelent* to a queen and a pawn…

Total over-analysis here, but i’m wondering if Kayes is the pawn…

That sent my brain for so much more of a loop than it should have…

…god I really am addicted XD This opens up wondrous new possibilities that I’m excited to watch unfold :D

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