I think Aërendyll (with the help of Google translator) that it means ‘Do you speak Russian?’.
Would make sense….
=] =]

Sooooo….we’ve come full circle now? Or no? O.o They’re wearing the same clothes. Except Serus has his jacket on. Not that your writing style isn’t awesome and your story isn’t really cool and your characters aren’t awesome, but…flashbacks always confuse me (has a simple mind). Regular story now? Yes? If no, it’s okay. Just curious >.>

You can almost tell by how the position of Dea’s eyes move panel-to-panel that Serus is circling him.
Like a vulture.

Their wordplay amazes me.

Oooh….Dea what are you playing at? The end of the flashback was meant to *answer* some questions as to your motives…but I’ve completely lost you again. So looking forward to seeing how it continues. :)

I have no idea as to the translation, but common sense suggests: Do you speak [unknown language]?

(my guess is that if Dea *did* learn any language off Larch, the only words he’ll know will be mostly unprintable anyway XD)

@ above: that is Russian “Do you speak Russian?”.

For some reason I’ve read “Won’t you need tape for that?” and with the things Larch most probably DID teach him… that sounded kinky XD


Nice job with the Russian. I’m impressed. Though, if I were you, I’d include a little asterisk with translation on page. It’ll be especially helpful when this goes to print (IT WILL). Not everyone is awesome like me and can understand the russki.

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