After over a year of wait to get to this point i got to say i enjoyed every fricken page. AND it finally MAKES sense… well not really i still can’t figure out want Dea has planned or how it will turn out but but… its all AWESOME!

Nohoho… wrote a nice comment and lost it due to an error -.-… Here I go again

I have finally read and reread the comic and it does make much more sense to me as it initially did. I knew about this comic for quite a while but couldn’t bring myself to read it as I found the art-style so incredibly weird. Now that I have gone through it twice, I cannot help but adore it. Also, it was quite challenging to get through all the text [in the comic] as most web comics around are not quite that challenging (and therefore this is, indeed, one of the best)
As for the characters, love Serus so much because I can relate to him on several levels (being asexual is only one of them) and I am found of his kind nature despite. I also searched all possible places to find more of your works connected with 2R and when I found that adorable Eon/Serus picture on Ties & Top Hats, I thought it to be the most adorable thing ever (not that I like Eon even slightly but because Serus looked quite happy there)

P.S. And yay for us having the same name ^^;

the first time we see Serus on page 10 he has a feather on a string, it somehow got lost on the way. plus there is a little inconsistency in the dialogue. on page 10 Serus calls Deatoura “Dea”, but as you come to this point in the story he keeps using Aeradout. I think this proves my obsession with this story ^^;

The feather thing was a mistake I fixed in the printed version and never updated online, an idea I was flirting with and decided to cut entirely. Deatoura first introduces himself to Serus as “Dea” but when his real name is revealed they can be interchanged. He’s kind of two people to Serus, one to be hated and one to be hated slightly less.

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