Well, hope you new job will be pleasant as much as jobs can be alice.

As for the new page: i do wonder if that was part of Dea’s plan… wouldn’t that be neat!
Corner the guy that cornered you! That be venomous XD

Since Dea’s plan was so intensely complicated and made of win, I wouldn’t be surprised if everything’s going according to his scheme.

And yay for Bera!

Aha, I thought Bera might be calling about something like this. After all, it was always part of Dea’s plan to have Serus removed for knowing something Eon doesn’t want anyone to…Methinks this is just what Dea wanted.

Lovely page! (I have a soft spot for Bera, and a softer spot for Serus. So yay!) Feels like the tension is starting to rise…

Be interesting to see if Dea and Serus start working together – and to see exactly how much they butt heads.

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