…on another note, your store seems to have been shot to hell? Any hopes of it going up again?

I had to take it down because it was (allegedly) using up too many resources on my shared hosting plan. I’ve reactivated it but if it kills the site again I’ll have to look into something else.

Gah, I think I’ve had a Serus overdose by now (in a good sense oO). Love the conversation on this page and… well, everything. Wonder what Dea is thinking about all this though. And the store was down? >.> That reminds me that I should get this comic in print as a Christmas gift for myself. ^^”

“He’s sitting in front of me… and giving me an extremely sexy stare.”

First thing that popped into my mind seeing the last panel. Dammit, don’t sex up Serus with your eyes, what the hell are you doing? D=

That’s Dea’s patented death glare number 18: the, “I’m bored, and tied up. But I’m still thinking about putting a knife or gun to your head. So stop what you’re doing and keep playing word and mind games with me.”

Dea glare number 18? Aeran you got a list? SHARE please!!

and doesn’t Eon look thrilled? ecstatic? i am betting that another twist is on the rise

I kinda made that up, but I’ll see what I can do. I still owe Alice two fanfictions anyways. Looks like I’m going to have to reread the comic. Woohoo! I gladly accept your demand for sharage.

Haha! Dea so totally planned that. Hmm what will happen next? Eon wouldn’t have Dea killed off without taking a proper look at him, would he? Exitemennnt~

do we know what the contraband is? i don’t but there’s always the chance i just missed something. that seems to happen a lot

In the first of panels, I spot a typo: “ouside” seems to be missing a “t”. Perhaps it doesn’t matter? Because if it did, I’m sure someone would’ve mentioned it by now. Or are everyone too busy staring longingly into green eyes?

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