Well, Serus, I believe what Dea is trying to say is that both of you are in a bit of a pickle. Nothing personal or anything. :)

Well, Serus, its time to take off those goody-two-shoes and put on some off-the-farm-butt-kicking-boots. Don’t worry, Dea knows where you can get a pair.

Man, this is getting fun!

I love Serus’ expression in the second to last panel. He doesn’t look scared, or hopeless, or surprised. As far as I can tell, he just looks mildly annoyed. Maybe it’s just me, but I think somebody has seriously underestimated him.

It’s more like he’s trained to have no emotions. At one or two points in the story we’re told that keepers (like Serus) are not allowed to be emotional.

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