i don’t know what those two are thinking but whatever it is it’s fun to watch.
It’s like watching a chemistry lab project where the air is getting hotter and hotter and damn if Stray doesn’t blow up with it.

I got a feeling Dea’s going to get yelled at soon. I hope he uses the meek “I’m cute, don’t yell at me”. It may make her yell more. :D

Hee, an update! Serus and Dea ‘working’ together. Oh, the possibilities… (or not ^^;) This only gets better and better :,D

“Hi Stray!” was great, really made my day. Then it was topped by Stray’s expression after “As long as you’re fine with people seein’ a keeper standin’ on your stoop.”

Oh my,

I just finished reading the entire archives and I landed at this page.
I am in love with the art and in love with the story.
I cannot wait for the next page!!
my God you rock.

Yesterday morning I just recieved the air mailed envelope that contained your fabulous printed Two Rooks first volume.
I have to say it has become my new treasure. And the Aeradout you sketched in it is just really cute!!
I can assure you that I’ll be buying the second volume when this will be ready!!!

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