Stray is just wonderful!!!! And i hope that whatever Stray wants Eden better be ready to provide because obviously that smile means no good

New reader by way of having seen art back and forth between yourself and Aja of True Magic for years…and somehow only just getting to reading your lovely comic now. >_>;
(Btw, I truly love your Gauth/Kiku fanart from oh so long ago…the beautiful kissing picture. Wonderful! <3 )

I must say, I’m quite impressed with the writing and story you have created here. I was a bit apprehensive at first when I read your info page stating that this was a noir story–I don’t usually like that style or whathaveyou. But this is masterfully crafted and enthralling. The depth of both the story and the characters’ minds is a lot of fun to dive into.

Your art is inspiring–and my hands-down favorite part of it, besides the expressiveness in the faces, is the hair. No, not the striking redhead. (Sorry, Dea.) The way you capture the flow and movement or spiky, tousled strands using only a mostly solid area and the stark contrast of the hair against the background is amazing. Amazing! *_*

In any case, I’m a lurker by nature but as I have seen some others help you out with typos and the like, I was compelled to come out of hiding and do the same:
Back on page 247, there was a space missing between the words “except” and “into” in the sentence “There will be no revolt, no transfer of power except into the hands of a new leader.”

*scampers back into the darkness of lurkerdom*

Wow. Just caught up today and the main thing in my mind is OH. MY. DEAR. GOD.

I absolutely ADORE this comic, and since I’ve basically been archive binge-ing whenever I have the time, getting to this state of being “caught up” is strange and sad. I am saddened by the lack of ‘next’ button, and am needing more! The art is wonderful, the characters and characterization are to DIE for, and to top it all off the plot is fascinating! All other webcomics I read will now be held to such a high standard that this may end up being the only one I read.

Thank you so very, very much.

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