now is Dea going to have to help Serus finish shaving in the vault..?

Seems dangerous to startle someone who is using a razor that size… Slitting your own throat while shaving seems like a faintly embarrassing way to die :D.

Only true badasses shave with a straight razor. And Serus is so badass he doesn’t even blink when Stray is yelling. Though, who’s Dea talking about smelling like roses? Serus? Stray’s couch? Inquiring minds want to know!

Mmmmmm….Serus using a straight razor. *drool*

he’s referring to Serus’ shaving cream seems like the most accurate guess. And I agree with you . That Serus is one tall drink of water OMG WHEN HE SHAVES I AM MELTED *w*

Looks like Serus gave Dea some kinda jacket thing as a pillow. Either that or Dea is smelling Serus’s shaving foam stuff. Either way both stubble!dea and sleepy!Dea are awesome :D

Since I’m having a hard time imagining Serus carrying around shaving cream, I’m a little amused at the thought that he may be using Stray’s shaving cream and hence smelling like roses. I wonder if that’s his own razor as well. And does Dee have a bit of stubble there? I love these two. And since I’ve never commented before, just wanted to say how much I love your art and the use of color. :D

I also have a hard time seeing Serus carrying shaving cream and a razor around. Which begs the question; What does *Stray* shave with a straight razor? 8-0

Have finally had time to start reading my TR, Volume 1 and it’s just excellent :). I really needed to re-read this comic to get a bit more up to date with everything that is happening, and this was a great deal more fun than reading it in a browser again.
So, thanks for an excellent product, swiftly shipped :).

One or a mix of these reasons:

1. She does her hair with it. The best way to get choppy layers like that is to take a razor to it.

2. It’s Ritz’s.

3. She shaves her legs with it. (Doubtful, but it’s Stray.)

The first panel on secon row confirms it!!!
(well, Serus has a straight nose and does not wear glasses while my bf wears them and has a beautiful crooked nose)

I am jealous.
And so happy for you.
at the same time.

Well, he is more skinny than Serus is… but yeah, he’s hot!
(he’s even skinnier than me…. from the couple with my 72 kilos, I’m the heavy one…. he is 10 kilos under… he’s so evil! lol)

Hmmmk. So it’s been awhile, and someone’s probably already wondered this, but, we’ve been given hints that Serus’ appearance in coloration is similar to that of the plagued corpses. Orange eyes and the like. And that he wasn’t always like that. Was he meddled with genetically to have been engineered to have a living part of the plague in him without inhibiting his abilities to, I dunno, be the redshirt that can be exposed to it and not end up dead? Well, fingers crossed anyway. And then, was this done with his consent or not? Because such meddling done unwillingly or at least with some ill-will left could be the catalyst that would make Dea sure he could wrap Serus around his little finger, I’d think. Enough nudging, enough ‘I’ve dragged you into this, you’ll unknowingly thank me for it later, prat’ sort of deal, maybe? Because Dea seems to like knowing all the little pieces and twisting them to just work for him.

Or… uh.. I could be thinking too hard. And considering I haven’t had coffee yet, that is a great possibility.


Could that be a reason for his rapid career advancement? (what does Eon like in a man?) Oh and why Serus doesn’t let himself sleep – why he doesn’t really have control over his body then? This is a very interesting something to think about!

I don’t know, it’s possible that Dea was just trying to get under his skin by talking about a certain population that shares his (Serus’s) physical traits.
Some groups of people are more susceptible to certain diseases…So if he figured that a certain area was ravaged by disease, and most of the population became ‘plague ridden corpses’, then he probably just made the comment as an off-the-cuff jab at Serus to make him remember that so many people around him died (and piss him off).

Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the Dea stubble. It makes me laugh and think of the ACC about his smooth chest but hairy legs.

Btw…I LOVE the 4th panel..the angle of Serus’ face, and the look he has. I think he KNOWS he’s lookin’ good ohohoho!

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