this page teaches me some little neat things: Dea is a lady with stumbles or without and Eden isn’t. Eden likes Porn. And Stray has the weirdest taste in furniture.
I so would beg to get to see/read a little tale about why Dea and Stray needed to use that fridge before!

I clicked on my bookmark for this page and then almost closed it a second later out of habit, and went insane when I realized it had updated.
The art’s gorgeous, as usual.
Hope life’s treating you better!

This page is made of awesome. I love the banter between Dea and Stray.

But oh man! Give me some more of that hair-tucked-behind-the-ear Serus! It’s like an invitation to nibble. Where’s Lyov when you need him? :3

Serus’ straight face in all this insanity and witty banter just amused the hell out of me. Thank you for your recovery and update. It made my night.

This is amazing! You have a brilliant story here, told with wonderful dialogue and insanely, well-drawn art. Thanks for sharing!

Somehow I doubt they will find themselves in Narnia… >_>

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One day I will update this. I will never update this.