oh man, i just love this compo. Poor Stray, her expression is like this was the last and now she got to buy new creme. Bad guests… though you might find that strawberry shaving cream on their bill one day^^

Ha! This is brilliant. Now Serus smells oh so nice. I hope Ritz doesn’t see him any time soon. He’ll know Serus used Stray’s cream.

I am so happy to see updates again – I’ve missed them, and I’m glad you’re back ♡
Lol, shaving mystery solved; Dang it’s all about those little smirks on Serus!

A man has to keep that sexy smooth jawline sexy and smooth, no matter the cost of frilly scent. It’s about standards. You tell em, Serus.

Also: excited that you’re excited about the upcoming excitement in the comic (which is also exciting in its entirety.)


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