I love the last two panels –

But then, I have to confess, I cruise by 2R at least once a day, every day I have access to the internet in hopes of a new page. Or two. I have only two comics that I checked at every opportunity – the first was Crowfeathers, now sadly gone – a picture you drew for that comic led me here to the second of the two. There are many others I like, but none have captivated me like 2R and Crowfeathers have.

I cannot wait to see both where you are taking this story, and the journey to the conclusion.

Aww I miss Crowfeathers. I miss Amy too! And drawing her hot guys.

Sorry there aren’t endless pages for you. :[ Wouldn’t that be awesome though? What if I switch to stick figures? I could finish in a week!

*Oh* – um nah – you’ve got far too many slurpy men to turn them into stick figures – besides, Order of the Stick is where to go when I need a dose of stick figure art.

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