Oh Serus, that’s nothing… There was this one time I got gum stuck in my hair… >_> … <_< … Heh.

Lmao… I love the fact that he’s just unloaded on her after being alll :| This whole time. One of those “It’s already a shitty day, you HONESTLY wanna fuckin’ shoot me, really? e_e”

He’s so much love.

I feel like I say that each time, but it’s true. XD

Girl: Well, poor you, I have only spent a few years in a maximum security facility, drugged to my ears, my only crime being having the wrong parents (or something like that). And this was perpetrated by the very tyrant *you* elected to keep serving, despite bloody well knowing what he had done to the other founders, and to this society. *Shoots Serus*

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