I am dying to get a print copy of both volumes in my hands. This is (and has been) the most incredible of stuff. You are my favorite thing on the internet. By far. No one else has the eloquence or the quality of story you do. And the artwork, Gahh. Gorgeous every time. I actually will probably end up buying a spare copy just to hook more friends.

…Thank you!! 0_0 I am aiming to have both volumes ready to go early next year (basically 1-2 months after I’m done with this chapter/volume).

you know I’m actually wondering how much time has passed, since Dea has managed to lose Stray and his stubbles. I always feel like i miss some story between the pages *totally loves it*

AHHH no that’s just me fucking up. He should still have stubble and it will be fixed before it goes to print! I usually draw these panels half asleep before I go to work and finish them quickly on weekends. I am sure there are tons of other mistakes… :[

Well I would not worry about it to much, if there are any mistakes I’m sure you beat them to death before print^^ And I’ve been in love with all the details since the black eye which story unraveled months later
That said I just cracked up thinking how Dea climbed into some random dude’s window and took a bathroom break

Reached the end of the archives – it’s a sad day.

I am officially a huge fan of this comic, though. So wonderful. <3

I agree Alice. This is a great comic you have here. I’m really enjoying the story. Please keep up the great story.

Love the comic, absolutely love the art in the comic, the story is great, glad I’ve finaly gotten round to reading it. Must Get This In Print.

Accepting the fact that this comment will recieve many looks, what IS the difference between a clip and a magazine?!

A clip is something you carry (separate from the firarm) that stores rounds of ammunition and allows them to be quickly loaded into the firearm by inserting the whole clip.

A magzine is a part of the firearm that stores ammunition and feeds it to the firearm’s action for loading into the chamber.

A detachable box magazine is both a magazine and a clip.

Conversely, the M1 Garand had an internal magazine that was loaded with en bloc clips–which are loops of metal with no moving parts. You pushed an en block clip into the top of the magazine, and the magazine was responsible for making sure that the rounds fed properly.

A lot of revolvers are loaded with full-moon or half-moon clips. A full-moon clip is a disk of metal that holds (say) six rounds and allows you to load them all into the wheel at once. Revolvers technically have no magazine, because the rounds are already in the chamber.

In tube-fed firearms, the tube under the barrel is an integral magazine. These weapons generally don’t have clips made for them (though you could design a tube-fed that accepted clips), so you have to load the rounds one at a time.

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