He is pissed and likely to do something Dea worthy stupid… or so i hope^^ love the expression in any case!

All I know is that he’ll want to flip his hair forward onto his chest – - whenever I walked up the doors in the house I had to make sure my long hair wasn’t caught as I worked my way up or it would catch – painfully. Going down it would tangle.

Holy mole!
I have finally made it through the comic, and my conclusion is that men with long hair are flabbergastingly fabulous.
I might have to reconsider my ‘do.

And of course, that this webcomic is overwhelmingly awesome, made of win, and epic in proportions.
So…. <3!!!

I would panic around panel 2, I don’t like physical contact at all! In fact, reading this page makes me a bit uncomfortable, good job, I guess? Serus must have a secret that allows him to walk all day long with his hair loose. If I would do that (and my hair is just a bit shorter than Serus’) I would spend ten minutes combing it after every four hours. Maybe this is where Serus’ insomnia comes in handy: he can spend the whole night on haircare!

i’m starting to get claustrophobic. nah, actually i just wanted to toss you a hello. nice catch, spacecat.

GODS I long for an update of this WONDERFUL comic of yours! I discovered this wonderfulness a couple of days ago and now I’ve read it all~ AND LONG FOR MORE!!! <3 <3 <3

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One day I will update this. I will never update this.