He moved the hair forward before descending! Yay!

I’m so happy you’re back – I’ve been trying to remember to vote once or twice a week at TWC to make sure you stay on the chart.

i sooo know what you mean about the vote…. and i find the hair action awesome too… well and his shooting and sliding ofc

I’m so happy your life doesn’t suck so much anymore! Like many, even during the darkest time of postlessness, devotion and a tiny spark of hope kept me clicking my bookmark on a routine basis. Glad to see you updating again, and I truly hope your luck lasts :D

I’m month late, but I’m so glad you are updating! This is the best comic in the internet so far: it has suspense, amazing plot, deep (and gorgeous) characters, drawing style to die for… Your ability to tell the story without revealing everything _and_ without leaving your readers too baffled is a great asset to a story like this.

Please, please don’t stop updating…

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One day I will update this. I will never update this.