Aww, man! I’ve reached the end of the available pages D:

This comic is AMAZING. Alice, you are fantastic. I just re-read the whole thing (I went on a kind of webcomic-hiatus for a while, so I was catching up on everything I missed :D) and Two Rooks is still definitely one of my all-time favourites!

Do you know when Vol II will be available for sale again? I have Vol I (though I’m considering repurchasing, as I got one of the ones with the falling-out pages…oh noz!), and I NEEDS Vol II. NEEDS I TELL YOU.

Keep up the excellent work–you rock!!

;U; Wow thank you so much Eve, you’re so kind! I’m so sorry you got one of the defected books. The new ones are very high quality but there’s nothing in them that you don’t have already so don’t worry about it.

Vol II actually hasn’t been printed yet, my store is a liar. I was going to go to print last year but decided to wait until I’m done with both books (i.e. the whole comic) and doing both at once. As far as when that will be, well…I don’t know. You’ll know when it happens though!

Thanks again!

Actually, I will probably order a new copy of Vol I anyway, because I am a crazy OCD person and I need all my books to match (I know, it’s madness…I can’t help it, lol)

Besides, I can never feel bad about supporting awesome artists :D (Plus…then I can have ANOTHER character sketch! Yay!)

Ahhh, that makes sense. Well, I will be eagerly awaiting Vol II and III! In the meantime…NEW PAGE! *squeee*

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