Yay! Finished!

… just so you know, if you put all the pages together in a PDF (well several PDFs) I’d buy those. Books and shipping are outside my budget, but I could afford a PDF or ebook.

That’s very doable but there would be no bonus content whatsoever (except for book 1 of course). If that is still worth something I can totally do that. [edit] Actually it’s a great idea, I’ll export at a higher resolution and bundle them all together. I’ll get started on that right now. Thanks!

I can’t believe it. It’s been 84 years. T_T No, but seriously, I was still living in my old apartment when I found Two Rooks, it must have been ten years ago. I’ll have to go back and read it from the beginning now…

How does it feel?

Would totally buy a pdf version too, btw.

Thank you for sticking with it so long! I hated drawing pages but now that I don’t have to do it anymore I kinda wanna draw pages. I’m in a weird state of mourning and don’t feel like touching other projects so I’m working on the PDF instead. There will be very minor page edits for blatant mistakes (I had someone re-read it so I wouldn’t have to face the old art and writing) and I’m finishing the covers that I started years ago.

Omg just checked back and found it was finished (apparently I last checked in 2017). It was a great ride can’t wait to reread.

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