The PDF trilogy is available now for $20 USD.

This took a week to put together because I found out all the speech bubbles in volume 2 were messed up somehow. Since I was in there fixing stuff anyway I slightly edited the art of v2 and v3. Some mistakes remain and I didn’t clean up the sketchy pages at all but it’s slightly less ugly now.

Thank you for almost 12 years!


I can’t get past the captcha at the checkout. I am definitely putting in the right code, but it keeps saying it’s wrong, and would not refresh the code either unless I refresh the whole page. I tried several times. Has anyone else been able to place orders yet?

OOOH! It’s finished :D
I’ve been reading since the end of vol 1. Been a ride, huh? Good job!

Time to buy some pdfs, I guess ;)

I read your comic in 2008/2009, followed each update and bought one of the copies of Volume 1 that was all messed up with loose pages and I cherished that thing so much. I was in high school, and reading Two Rooks now takes me right back to the computer lab and Ben Bernanke by Lemon Demon. I come back once every couple years to see if there’s been progress, and today I saw a picture that reminded me of the Two Rooks aesthetic so I came back, and I’m so glad I did.

I’m all kinds of emotional that the story is complete now (ಥ﹏ಥ) I reread the whole story just now and boy was it a wild ride, my heart when Juniper rides off with Deatoura, good god.

Are you doing anything else? Is there somewhere I can see more of your art and follow you? Do you have more written for these characters?

Sorry for the late reply, I’m just now seeing this! Thank you very much for the heartfelt comment. This comic gives me the same kind of nostalgia that it does you. We were babies. I’m still very sorry about your book hahaha, my bad luck with printers continued for many years.

I will hopefully bring stories to the public again one day but they won’t be in the form of comics. If I make something of note I’ll post it here (at the new address:

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