This first page thing here….is the first time in my life I actually exclaimed out loud in praise about a drawing. I said, to no one in particular….”OH holy mother of fucking shit, that’s pretty!” like, out loud. The extra surprising thing is…I’m not someone that curses regularly. I cannot wait to continue on, so…comment ends here.

Oh your art is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to load more of this delicious stuff. He looks so sure of himself, like he’s hiding something dastardly up his sleeve…

great art. love the attention in detail, and the focus on the background!
that monolithic light pillar, and the one really far away lighting a metal backdrop hint at a underground city. Already i am intrigued.

minor thing though. the chess(or is that rook)master in this picture I immediately put down as a woman. But then i noticed in the banner up top someone with the exact same facial scars who was just as undoubtedly male. both were really well drawn though.

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One day I will update this. I will never update this.