Ask A Character

Here you can ask any of the characters in 2R a question – whether it be their deepest darkest secret or what they had for lunch – and I’ll draw a mini-comic response with their answer.

Answered Questions

  1. Juniper: Do you like girls? *Winks* asked by Humbug
  2. Uena: Y u so hot? :3 ASL? asked by Nena
  3. Deatoura: Do you have leg hair or are you a hairless infant baby man? asked by Duralict
  4. Deatoura: What’s your poison? asked by Icarus
  5. Everyone: Why are you so pale? asked by Duralict
  6. Deatoura: Do your bangs ever poke you in the eyes? asked by Icarus
  7. The Suits: Do you ever wear anything else besides the characteristic “suit” of a “Suit”? asked by Felix
  8. Juniper: What’s your shoe size and the last movie you watched? asked by Lunar
  9. Deatoura: The mark on your face – is that a scar? Or maybe a tattoo? asked by Lunar
  10. Juniper: Do you like Vincent van Gogh or was that picture in your office just to make me jealous because I don’t have one? Also, what are your and Dea’s favourite art movements? asked by Aisling
  11. All: What are your thoughts on Kiku and Gauth, characters from the comic TRUE MAGIC? asked by Duralict
  12. Deatoura: What would you do if someone asked you to declare, “They’re after me Lucky Charms!”? asked by Aja
  13. Deatoura: Do you “play both sides of the fence” in other ways? asked by Sagebrush
  14. Everyone:What type of character would you play in a hack and slash table top RPG game? asked by Drewcifur
  15. Juniper: Rickrolled by Drewcifur
  16. Deatoura: What and where is your other tattoo? asked by Fhar & Mendel
  17. Maye: It’s always Dea and Juniper. I’m interested in you. What’s a guy gotta do to…get you out of that suit…if you know what I mean… asked by Lunar
  18. Maye: What is your favorite pun? asked by Duralict
  19. Deatoura: Who cuts your hair? And does it naturally flip in, or do you work at it? asked by Lyra
  20. Stray: Where do you hide all of your weapons? You must have had to get creative with your hiding places since your place is frequented by peace keepers, the authorities and random wanderers who don’t even know that you don’t really sell antiques. asked by hanakitsunechan7
  21. Serus: You’re my favorite character in this comic and I’ve noticed that most of my favorite characters in anything tend to die. You’re not going to die are you? Also, what style of music do you like best? asked by Magneticplum
  22. Deatoura: How do you pronounce your name? And if you were an animal, what would you be? asked by BlueShadow
  23. Uena: If you ever had a baby, could I sell it on eBay? And if yes: …marry me? asked by S.N.O.W.panda
  24. Boys: Are those weaves or did you grow them yourselves? asked by Duralict
  25. Juniper: I’m a redhead and my boyfriend has trouble dealing with me, how did/do you put up with Deatoura? Also, are you hiring? I’m diverse *waves resume*. asked by Khera
  26. All: If you were locked in a box for a few years, allowed to bring one thing of any size with you, and didn’t have to worry about pesky things like food, water, air, or atrophying muscles, what would it be (and why)? asked by Jenna
  27. Suit Leaders: What do you look for in new employees? asked by Jessie
  28. Deatoura: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done/said while drunk/high/desperately sleep deprived? asked by Jenna
  29. Glide: What would be your ideal monument/building/person/playtpus/etc to blow up? And if necessary, could you make exploding alfredo sauce? asked by zanni_smile
  30. Deatoura: Did you used to fancy Larch? (even just a little bit?) asked by Lab Rat
  31. Deatoura & Juniper: Who’s on top? asked by Empress of Toast
  32. Deatoura & Serus: If you two were to have a fight…with you HAIR, who would win? asked by Jessie
  33. Deatoura: If Juniper were magically transformed into a woman, would you still want him? (I mean, seriously, it’s not like he’d look all that different.) asked by Alena
  34. Eon: How did you come across Mr. Skippy? And how do I get an attack beaver of my own? asked by Erin
  35. Dea & Jun: How do you feel about the olive garden, breadsticks, and/or alfredo sauce? asked by Nena
  36. Ritz and/or Juniper: Why exactly is Diamond a gender-specific suit? asked by Random Projects
  37. Dea & Jun: What would you… do to make my upcoming birthday the most.. memorable? asked by Arath
  38. Ritz: If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to. Why don’t you go to where to fashion sits? asked by asked by Moros
  39. Deatoura: Are you a furious magician? asked by Jessie
  40. All: Oh Noes! Your comic has a crossover with the worst thing ever! What is it and why do you hate it? asked by Somethingfancy
  41. Deatoura: So what’s the deal with your accent disappearing during sex with Jun? asked by Shelby
  42. Serus: What parasomnias do you have and how do you deal with it? asked by Pedes
  43. Juniper: If you had the time to go to a barber, what would your new haircut look like? asked by Aeran
  44. Maye: It says on your profile page that you lived in Tokyo. Did you do any shopping? Which district was your favorite (to shop in) and what was your favorite store? asked by hanakitsunechan7
  45. Deatoura: So the most embarrassing thing you’ve done is say ‘I love you’ when you were high…I’d like to hear more on that. Care to elaborate, please? asked by Shelby
  46. Deatoura & Juniper: Do you guys have any hopes or plans at all to get back together? asked by Shelby
  47. Serus: How many languages do you speak, and what is your FAVORITE LANGUAGE EVER? asked by Jessie
  48. All: Boxers or briefs? asked by MicahLucian
  49. Suit Leaders: If you could do any job other than your current one, what would it be? asked by Aeran
  50. Eon: What is your opinion of a tap dancing mongoose, and how does it rank against Skippy? asked by Aly
  51. Juniper & Deatoura: What’s your favorite position in bed? Would you consider having a threesome? asked by Gnome Commander
  52. Serus: What is your sexual orientation? asked by Aimie
  53. The Suits: Can any of you cook? asked by maert

Answers To Come

Juniper & Deatoura: So… What’s the weirdest thing the two of you have done together? And what’s the cutest? asked by Duke
Glide: Do you like bigos? Can you produce explosives from food? asked by Pedes
All: If you had to play the lead role in a musical which would it be and why? asked by Seesha
Deatoura: As a fellow violinist and fiddler, I gotta know: do you still have the white violin; how is (or was) the tone; who made it; and is it actually painted white, or just unstained? Moreover, what do you most enjoy playing? asked by Rhan
Glide: Where did you get your goggles? And what ever turned you to blowing things up for a living? asked by Kade
Nekytr: a) how do you pronounce your name? D: b) if you could be any fruit what would you be? asked by Fizzy Pop
Juniper: Can I add Deatoura to my collection of redheads? asked by Xouri
Juni, Serus, Uena, Glide: Well, we know Dea has a white violin. What do the rest of you play, and if you don’t, what instrument would you play? What colour(s) would it be? asked by Justin
Deatoura: How many have you slept with? ;) asked by Tihagro
All: Ideal Friday night date? asked by Hacabi
Fairen: It says under your character heading that you sheltered Larch and Dea for a while. You seem like a sensible money-motivated kind of guy, why do something so potentially risky? asked by Lab Rat
Juniper & Deatoura: What do you like most about the other? asked by d u s k y
Serus: If your hair wasn’t always blue, how’d it end up like that? asked by Lipheris
Juniper: How many things do you keep under your bed? asked by Grimaway
Eon: How come you are so deliciously evil? What made you care so much about yourself and ignore the plight of the common man? Why do you look so sexy in that eye patch? asked by Jessie
Glide: Marry me? asked by Shelby
Serus: Have you ever broken the rules while on duty? And if so, did you get caught? And would you do it again? asked by Thaeodora
Ritz: Dance. Please? asked by Grim-away
Ritz: Do you like tall or short chicks, because short girls need loving, too, just so you know. asked by Arath
Deatoura: Michael Collins or Eamon de Valera? asked by R.A.
Juniper: If someone wanted you to play Snape in a Harry Potter movie, what would your reaction be? asked by Aërendyll
Uena: Do you dye your eyebrows with your hair every time? And if so, how exactly do you dye eyebrows (or, your eyebrows)? asked by Tara
Juniper: Whatever happened to that girl you were engaged to? asked by Danny
Deatoura & Serus: If you could have any (non-gun) weapon in the entire world, what would it be? Anything. Even a plucked chicken, if you want. asked by StormAiyo
Juniper, Ritz & Deatoura: What sorts of music do you like and do you do Karaoke? asked by Grim-away
Deatoura: The venom tattoos, does it make a difference if you have one or two? asked by Pawn
Serus: If you had to go gay for someone, who would it be and why? asked by Chibi_Sheep
Lelle: So what was Dea like as a kid? asked by Inkblot
Deatoura & Juniper: If you two had a child together (in some alternate universe where it were actually possible) what would he/she/it look like? asked by Shelby
Uena: What is the best portable video game ever, and why? asked by Qchan
Lelle: You put up with so many boys who do foolish things (Dea & Serus). How is it that you keep your cool? Do you end up angry? If so, feel free to let it out. asked by Aeran
Men: Please, please, please, please let me play with your hair??? asked by Aeran
Larch: You and Dea. What’s up with that? asked by tylgrey
Deatoura: I see pictures of your parents here and there and they seem Awesome and Mysterious. Who were they??? asked by Inkblot
Everyone: If you could meet your creator, what would you say about all the things she puts you through? asked by Inkblot
Juniper & Dea: When you guys sleep together, do you cuddle or stay strictly on opposite sides of the bed? asked by Cynic
Eon & Juniper: If you had to have a duel to death with one of the following “weapons” which would you choose: a net, a shield, a riding crop, handcuffs or a broom? asked by Aniko

Ask Your Own!

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