by Lab Rat

Back then.

When you were so tall.

So tall and confident. Smoking behind the bars with a tattoo that spoke more than words ever could, with a whisper of snake tongue and a smirk that laughed at the world.

Back then.

When I was so young.

So young and uncertain and angry. Looking at you and wondering what it would be like to be you. Certain and cocky. Wearing the jacket, smoking the anger, holding the gun.

And when I remember you (but I do all the time) and when I can be bothered (but I always will be) I sometimes wish that you could see me like this.

Until I remember that I’m supposed to hate you.

And then I just laugh at the world that put me here. Shoot the anger down and turn it into something that must be madness. Make the world my playground, and danger just fun, just like it was.

Back then, when it was us. Me and you, you and a shadow. Was it more fun back then? The danger the strength and the immortality?

Things were different, back then.

We were immortal.

(Did you think of that, when I killed you? Did you remember how it was, back then?)

One day I will update this. I will never update this.