by Lab Rat

“Sure you can take him, Mafia boy?”

He’s smart, you know that. Smart and cocky. A streak of red fire in your life, to brighten the dull edges of black and white. Nothing you’ll ever be, nothing you’ll ever want to be but somehow, something you think you need.

He’s impulsive, infectious, you find yourself starting to smile when you don’t want to, getting irritated when you don’t need to. It brightens your world up, a flash of sudden colour on a page, the random element in a life you’ve always tried to keep from surprises.

He was a surprise. You never looked for love, you never could imagine it really, but somehow you feel it. Not hearts and roses, no fluff and sweetness, just a slow warming feeling that somehow happens, despite all your efforts to stop it, when those sparkling devils eyes turn on you.

“I’m always sure.” You reply. You try to stay suave and relaxed, but he sees inside you (you know he always does and it annoys you beyond all things and makes you feel that feeling you’ve decided must be love). He grins then; teasing, insufferable, and you feel the warmth inside you melt the tightness in your chest, just a little.

Your world was controlled, organised, and in a way it still is. His colour does not detract from the monochrome edges, if anything it highlights them, brings them sharply into focus, makes the lack of colour in the rest of your life seem … more. More accented, more important, more present.

He doesn’t last, because you know nothing ever does. It’s not until young Deatoura O’Malley drops in like a whirlwind with attitude and a dodgy accent that you realise what you’ve been missing.

A splash of colour, in your world of black and white.

One day I will update this. I will never update this.