Meow Meow Hello

HELLO I DREW 3 PAGES FOR YOU TONIGHT enjoy. Looks like shit’s bout to get real.

I keep getting questions about Volume 2 and if I will ever print the thing. The answer is yes, but not until I’m done with Volume 3. If my update schedule is any indication that could be a pretty long time I’m afraid! But you will know when I do.

As always, thanks so much for all the support!


Awwe man you don’t get nearly enough feedback on this, but I’d just like to chime in and say that I’ve been routinely coming back to Two Rooks for the past couple of years (I think)… I started reading it a while ago, then I lost my computer and just the other day I found this webcomic again!

I was so happy because I love your art style and the plotline makes me make undignified squeeing noises. Uh. Yeah that’s all just wanted to chime in on something somewhere.

Also I want to buy all of the comic and I hope that at some point there will be every single volume and I can put them in a box in my room and go EVERYBODY READ THIS IT IS THE BEST COMIC YOU WILL EVER READ.

…Okay longer comment than I intended but I just wanted to throw out some happy support of a reader who is usually too afraid to comment.

You are all so sweet. ;u; I’m really touched.

I have a really big update in the works and I don’t know when I can finish it, but once I do there will only be two chapters left to go!

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One day I will update this.