You say you want a revolution, well

Pretty big update, start here.

I was supposed to have drawn Serus’ backstory by this point in the story making his bit make more sense but I obviously haven’t so oh well. There’s a reference to it on page 303 I guess.

Two chapters to go!!


my earlier comment seems to have gotten eaten but since it was just incoherent keysmashing i’ll leave a slightly better one in its place.
/takes a deep breath
aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa thank you for the hugeass update oh my god oh my god

Aaaah! Update! Omg! Other exclamations of surprise and joy! holy crap lots of pages must cuddle all the pages and read them all five times aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

…I mean, coherent and well-educated comment about how wonderfully everything is unfolding here, not at all a fangirl squee ramble about how happy i am that more updates

I’m so excited!

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One day I will update this.